The New Korean Philosophical Association


The New Korean Philosophical Association, founded in 1983 initially as The Yeungnam Philosophical Association, is one of the main organizations for philosophers in Korea. The NKPA is primarily a membership organization for professional philosophers and those interested in professional philosophy. Its mission is to encourage scholarly activity in philosophy, to promote and exchange creative ideas, and to make philosophy available for the public and their daily disciplines. To do so, the NKPA is to

  1. 1. hold academic conferences twice in a year: Spring and Fall;
  2. 2. publish the quarterly: The Journal of the NKPA (The Chulhak-Ronchong);
  3. 3. help its members engage more in sectional seminars and academic activities;
  4. 4. pursue scholarly exchanges of ideas and publications with other philosophical organizations inside and outside the country;
  5. 5. cooperate for the benefit of its members in the publication of their literary work; and
  6. 6. host some necessary enterprises for promoting the NKPA and its membership.

The NKPA is a nationwide academic society and presently consists of more than 400 members with either master's or higher academic degree. In order to drive the Association more efficiently, the Board of Officers is composed of the President, several Vice-Presidents, Editorial Committee Director and Research Committee Director. The business of the Board and Committees includes approving the subjects and presenters for the regular academic conferences, reviewing the submitted papers for publication, and conducting any other NKPA-related projects put before it.

The Journal of the NKPA(The Chulhak-Ronchong), the quarterly of the NKPA proceedings, purports to promote scholarly activities of its members, to urge exchanges of academic ideas, and to help share information with other academic organizations in and out of the country. The Quarterly issued its first edition in 1984 and is now proudly publishing the latest edition, its twenty third. The Quarterly is open for all members of the NKPA and other interested parties, and the selection procedure for publication is strictly regulated and judged by the Proceedings Committee. Each paper submitted will be carefully examined by two committee members in a closed meeting.

The NKPA administers each year an annual prize for the best paper on The Journal (The Chouhak-Ronchong), encouraging the junior members of the Association to publish more of their philosophical work. This year is its 10th for the Prize. The Board of Officers consists of
President : Kim ju wan (Daegu Hanny University)
Vice President :

  • Choi seong ryul (Chosun University)
  • Kim jin (Ulsan University)
  • Kim hak kwon (Wonkwang University)
  • Noh yang jin (Chonnam National University)
  • Ryu eui geun (Silla University)
  • Moon sung hak (Kyungpook National University)
  • Lee yeop (Cheongju University)
  • Lee yun bok (Jinju National University)
  • Lee jae kwon (Chungbuk National University)
  • Lee jong sung (Chungnam National University)
  • Lim hong bin (Korea University)
  • Director, Research Committee : Park seung ho (Changwon National University)
  • Director, Editorial Committee : kim young phil (Asia University)
  • Director, General Affairs : Cho soo dong (Daegu Hanny University)
  • Director, Public Relation : Jang yun su (Daegu National University of Education)